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The State Examination Board was established by the Education Department in 1966 and was declared autonomous in 1999.

The objective of the establishment of State Examination is to conduct different examinations for the purpose of awarding different professional Diploma Certificates as well as eligibility Tests for the recruitment of Primary Teachers. State Examination Board also conducts different exam of National and State scholarship for the student of primary and secondary level. The SEB conducts 27 types of examinations.

The State Examination Board, being an autonomous organization, takes care to keep pace with time for upgradation and modernization of the Examination system by induction of the latest technology available in the state. The State Examination Board uploads the Answer key of the exam after completion and gets suggestions of the candidates for preparing final Answer key. Moreover, the Answer Paper (OMR) of the candidates is also uploaded on the website of the board for the verification of the candidates. With such an approach, the examination process done by the SEB has become ultimate fair, free and transparent.